W3 Corporate

W3's mission is to develop and reinvent marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers locally through desktop and mobile applications. Since 1999, W3 has been very active in the development of leading marketplaces internationally.

Vivastreet, is a trusted free classifieds service to millions of individual and professionals users transacting locally every day.
More than 4 million users visits our site every day.
Every 15 seconds an ad is posted helping our user solve their everyday problems making money with items they no longer need.

EasyRoommate, the leading flatshare service in the world aims to help our user find a flatshare they can call home.
Over the last 15 years, we have served over 25 millions of customers. We are responsible for more than 3 million flatshares around the world.
Our service is responsible for 1000s of social interactions and communications every day.